April 9, 2013

David Stern in India to launch comprehensive NBA Cares programme

NBA-India Official Press Release - Mumbai: The National Basketball Association (NBA), Multi Screen Media, the NBA’s broadcast partner in India, and Magic Bus, a non-profit organization that works with youth from vulnerable communities, on Monday announced a partnership to develop a comprehensive NBA Cares program in India. Through this partnership, weekly basketball programs will be used to promote education, health, and fitness to boys and girls ages 7-14 starting in June 2013.

The announcement was made today by NBA Commissioner David Stern, Multi Screen Media CEO Manjit Singh, and Magic Bus CEO and Founder Matthew Spacie at a Magic Bus NBA Cares clinic for underprivileged youth at the Mastan YMCA in Mumbai, India.

The event is part of Stern’s first trip to India. The NBA, which opened its first office in Mumbai in 2011, has conducted more than 450 grassroots events in 10 cities in India over the last five years.

Magic Bus and the NBA will identify a community in Mumbai and launch a pilot program for underprivileged youth that will include a jointly-developed basketball curriculum. The program will include intensive weekly sessions that will feature basketball activities and teach life skills in the areas of education, gender equality, health, and fitness. The program is part of Magic Bus' “sport for development” approach that has positively impacted 250,000 children and 8,000 youth across India to date.

“Social responsibility is an important part of our mission,” said Stern. “We are proud to work with our partners at Magic Bus and Multi Screen Media to promote the values inherent to our game -- dedication, discipline, teamwork, and sportsmanship -- and the importance of fitness and good health among Indian youth.”

Basketball also will be integrated into existing Magic Bus programs in 12 Indian communities and NBA coaches will conduct basketball and fitness clinics for youth enrolled in each community. NBA legends and players who travel to India in the next year will also participate in clinics for Magic Bus youth.

“We are thrilled to partner with the NBA to pilot a program where we will use basketball as a base for our award-winning ‘sport for development’ curriculum,” said Spacie. “The Magic Bus curriculum works to help provide youth with guidance to make dignified life choices from childhood to adulthood, and integrating basketball as a sport for development can diversify our program benefits to help more and more children learn and grow.”

“We at Multi Screen Media are committed to Magic Bus as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility program,” said Singh. “This is a great collaboration aimed to bring basketball to under privileged children. It will help children compete in a new sport and become active and improve their health. The NBA and Magic Bus will provide a great platform for under privileged children across the country to showcase and nurture their talent.”

Sony SIX, India’s premier sports channel, is aimed at youth in India who are interested in a diverse variety of sports. Sony SIX, together with the NBA, endeavors to inspire youth across India to play basketball and provide them opportunities to excel in the sport. Sony SIX will highlight the achievement of Indian athletes in basketball along with providing exclusive coverage of the NBA in India.

The NBA opened an office in Mumbai in 2011 and has hosted more than 450 events in 10 cities over the last five years.

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