July 17, 2013

Tanveer Bhullar joins Sim at New Mexico State

The New Mexico State Aggies are about to get a lot bigger and Indian-er next season.

Tanveer Bhullar, the 7-foot-2 behemoth from Huntington Prep, has officially signed on to attend the New Mexico State University next season, joining his older brother (who stands an even bigger 7-foot-5) Sim Bhullar.

If you haven't kept track of their story yet, the brothers - aged 20 and 18 - are Canadian of Indian (Punjabi) descent, and have been catching the eyes of scouts for the past few years. Sim joined NMSU last season and had a freshman year to remember, helping his side win the WAC Championship and winning the MVP award, and then leading the team into the NCAA Tournament. NMSU lost in their very first tournament game to Saint Louis, but Sim made enough of a impact on the court (and on Twitter) to interest fans for the years ahead.

Now, his younger brother has joined the lineup and the Aggies pretty much become the biggest college team since... Hell, I don't know. College ball experts fill me in on that one. 7-5 and 7-2 are no joke. And, as an extra bonus to us desis, they are both of Indian descent. Tanveer's addition also adds him to my list of Indian-origin players to ever be in NCAA D1 programmes. The brothers have played together in High School and prep schools in the past, so they should have no trouble fitting in the same lineup together.

It took Sim some time to figure out the pace of college basketball last season and lose a ton of weight before he started earning heavy minutes for the Aggies. Tanveer won't have the same weight issues, but it may take him some time (like most freshman) to get accustomed to the game. Having an experienced big brother will help. Hopefully, he's in full gear before the season ends, and by tournament time next year, we'll see two Bhullars wrecking havoc in the NCAA.

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