April 13, 2011

Woodstock School win Win Mumby 2011

There was a tiny, yet personally significant news that came out over this last busy weekend. This year, I had spent the past weekend in Mumbai, watching the exciting Indian All Star Game, but the same time last year, I was up in the beautiful mountain-town of Mussoorie, the place where I spent most of my formative boarding school years. I was volunteering at Woodstock School - my alma mater (Renegades 2003 REPRESENT!) - and Woodstock was hosting its biggest event of the year, the All India Win Mumby Basketball Tournament, one of the most important school basketball championships, at least in North India. Some of the best schools from Mussoorie, Dehradun, Delhi, and even Punjab attend this exciting tournament, and last year, it was held for the first time in Woodstock's fancy new gymnasium.

Anyways, despite all the hype, the Woodstock teams, long heralded as one of the best school teams in the region didn't do well last year - and they haven't been doing too well pretty much since my class graduated (when we won EVERYTHING, including the Afzal Khan). Anyways, the 2011 edition of Win Mumby was sort of a comeback year for the Woodstock Tigers. After long years of suffering, Woodstock Boys finally lifted the Win Mumby trophy in front of a jubilant crowd at the gym.

The Boys team went on a rampage, beating every team by an average of close to 20 points into the final. The final, against Modern School of Delhi, was perhaps the tightest game, but even then the Tigers prevailed for a 46-35 win. Special shout-out to Coach Phil Jackson aka Mr. Mark. Woodstock's Atif Hussain was named the tournament's MVP.

Sweet. Go Tigers.

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