February 14, 2018

Follow my Fantasy NBA column for 'India Fantasy'

It's not news that Fantasy NBA has been a big deal worldwide for decades. In India, however, even as Fantasy Sports have become more popular, basketball has trailed behind to Cricket (international and IPL) and Football (generally English Premier League, but other leagues around the world, too). India, of course, doesn't have its own full-time pro basketball league, and there are few statistical records from Indian domestic tournaments.

Fortunately for Indian hoop fans, there is always the NBA, with competitive fantasy leagues on CBS Sports, ESPN, Rotoworld, Yahoo! Sports, and the NBA's own daily fantasy game, launched with Dream11 for the Indian audience.

For those of you looking for predictions, advice, or just some good reads, check out my new Fantasy NBA column for India Fantasy. India Fantasy, who have been a comprehensive source for Fantasy Cricket and Football news and contests, will now expand to Basketball, too. For my first piece, I wrote about the underrated Denver Nuggets foursome of Nikola Jokic, Jamaal Murray, Gary Harris, and Will Barton, and made some more picks from top games for the rest of the week.

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