September 19, 2013

Indian Basketball Players on Twitter

Let me first state the obvious, that most basketball players in India don't use Twitter very well, or at all. The majority of them dominate on Facebook like it's a SABA Qualifier but take a step back on Twitter as if it's a top level team in a FIBA Championship. I have been looking to encourage many of our stars to improve their Twitter communication and thus find a different way to reach their audience and their fans. Still, there are some who are fairly frequent twitterers and help keep us entertained and involved with the activities and opinions online.

So here is a (very short ) list of all the known profiles - active or barely active - of past and present Indian national-level players on Twitter. Please share the list, help our cagers get more followers, and thus help increase their dialogue with fans of the game in the country. Feel free to remind me of anyone I've missed or any new players on Twitter, so I can keep updating this list.


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