December 20, 2012

NBA 3x Tournament held at IIT Mumbai's Mood Indigo Festival

Mood Indigo is one of the largest of its kind festivals in Asia, held annually in December at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Mumbai. Last year, the 4-day festival attracted over 80,000 students from 600 colleges from across India.

This year, the NBA in India along with the NBA's official broadcaster in the nation - Sony SIX - are bringing a 3x3 basketball tournament at the Mood Indigo festival as well, which is being held in IIT-Mumbai from December 20-23, 2012. Players can register their squads on Mood Indigo's (uber-flashy) website. Each squad can have four members, three starters and a bench player.

The tournament is sure to follow the same format as the NBA 3x tournaments which have taken place across various cities in India already this year. Since this tournament is taking place at a big festival it will probably be televised on Sony SIX as well. It's all part of what SIX promised would be more localised NBA/basketball programming for the Indian audiences this year along with of course broadcasting live NBA games.

So if you're amongst the 80,000 heading over to the festival, don't forget to pack your shorts and sneakers too!

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