December 14, 2012

Pics: Tracing Tracy in China

Working on a story for the past few weeks, I got the opportunity to attend several basketball games in China to watch the Qingdao Eagles and their newly-signed superstar Tracy McGrady (heard of him?) in action. I've attended three Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) games so far, two home games for the Eagles hosting the Foshan Long Lions and the Bayi Rockets, and one away game where they came to China's capital Beijing to play Stephon Marbury and the Beijing Ducks. The first two games happened to be his first home games in front of his new adopted fanbase.

Outside of T-Mac, the Eagles have a poor roster which hasn't been able to find a winning combination as of yet. As a matter of fact, the team lost all three games I watched and have started the new CBA season 0-8 to find themselves getting comfortable with last place.

Here are some pics (from my humble pocket camera!) that I took watching the 7-time All Star and his team in action. And follow my Facebook and Twitter pages for updates for my big story, coming out very soon...

The Qingdao University Gymnasium, home court to the Eagles, on game night.

McGrady fans in different jerseys representing.

T-Mac, his team, and his cheerleaders during the pre-game national song.

Versus Foshan.

In the game against Bayi.

Home fans going crazy in the close game, before another close loss.

Qingdao vs. Beijing game.

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