November 25, 2011

Wheelchair Basketball Showcase as part of ‘Badhte Kadam’ in Delhi

To raise awareness about athletes with disabilities, the National Trust will be hosting a Wheelchair Sports Event at the Amar Jyoti Research and Rehabilitation Center in New Delhi on November 25-26, 2011. As part of this event, American non-profit organisation Wheelchair Athletes Worldwide will be donating sports wheelchairs to Amar Jyoti and conducting basketball clinics.

The initiative is part of 'Badhte Kadam', which is an awareness raising campaign by the National Trust aiming to create opportunities and participation in the community of People with Disabilities. This is the third year of this campaign.

On Saturday, members of Wheelchair Athletes Worldwide will make their first donation of sports wheelchairs to the Amar Jyoti School. Unlike regular wheelchairs – which are used by disabled youngsters when they play basketball regularly – the sports wheelchairs allow for better mobility and efficiency when taking parts in sports such as basketball and rugby.

Wheelchair Athletes Worldwide will also hold an interactive clinic and demonstration on the use of the sports wheelchairs with the students and coaches of Amar Jyoti and from other schools. A wheelchair basketball game featuring disabled and non-disabled basketball players will be held at the end of the event.

India’s Senior National Men’s Basketball team’s Head Coach Kenny Natt is also looking forward to attending the function on Saturday morning to watch the demonstration and also to encourage the kids attending the event.

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