November 9, 2015

Great Leap: 7 NBA players who could make the leap from good to great this season

Time passes, Champions are crowned, MVP awards are won, everyone gets a year older, your favourite players slowly fade into oblivion, and life goes on.

But for every star that begins to die down, a new star is born!

Every year, a new group of players take a giant leap from becoming good to great. It usually happens between the second and fourth years in the career of a young NBA talent, as the player begins to fully grasp the true potential of his basketballing powers and begins to get comfortable with the pace and systems in the NBA. In recent years, we have seen the likes of Paul George and Jimmy Butler make such a leap, going from solid starters to NBA All Stars.

Here are the players who could make that great leap this season - read full article on SportsKeeda!

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