June 2, 2015

Hoopdarshan Episode 7: NBA Finals and Championship Legacies with Harsh Madhok

With the 2015 NBA Finals looming, we tackle one important question on Episode 7 of Hoopdarshan: "What would an NBA title mean for..." Co-hosts Kaushik Lakshman and Karan Madhok are joined in a roundtable discussion by Karan's brother Harsh Madhok. Join us on our banters which are both wild and analytical, as we discuss the legacies of the players at the Finals, predict if it will be Stephen Curry or LeBron James that walks out on top, and explain how Warriors vs LeBron is just like the T-1000 vs The Terminator.

Can David Blatt become the first coach to win both Euroleague and NBA titles? How big a party would JR Smith have if he becomes champ? Does a title influence Kevin Love's decision to stay in Cleveland or not? Hey, can Cleveland break their pro-sporting curse? Does LeBron become the greatest Finals loser since Jerry West or move a couple of rungs up the ladder in the pantheon of the NBA's greats with a third ring? How would Stephen Curry's shooting sprees influence future basketball aspirants in India? We answer all those questions, and many more - you are guaranteed to find no better and funner NBA Finals preview than here on Hoopdarshan!

Hoopdarshan aims to be the true voice of Indian basketball, and since we're such hopeless fans of the game, it will become the voice of everything basketball related we love, from the NBA to international hoops, too. On every episode of Hoopdarshan, we will be inviting a special guest to interview or chat to about a variety of topics. With expert insight from some of the brightest and most-involved people in the world of Indian basketball, we hope to bring this conversation to a many more interested fans, players, and followers of the game.

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  1. Karan, i could barely understand a word you were saying.

  2. ya, the sound quality was awful in our recording over the first 10 minutes, but it gets near-perfect after that!

  3. Hey Karan sorry i made that comment after listening to the first ten minutes and then i left it because i could barely understand a thing. Will give it another go! Btw, how badly do u think kyrie's injury has affected clevelands chances? How about doing a podcast after every 2 games of the finals? It doesn't have to be too long maybe just talk about the finals cause its always good to hear what you guys think :)

    1. hey... yes, please give the podcast a go again, i think the conversation becomes quite fun when the sound quality eventually improves!

      I had predicted warriors in 6 even before kyrie got hurt, i think the result will be the same even now.

      We will be doing another podcast for next week but I don't think we are planning to cover the Finals so closely - our next podcast will focus more on indian basketball but we'll dabble on finals stuff if time permits! we'll be answering fan questions too, so send any queries you have about indian basketball or the NBA to @hoopdarshan on twitter.

      thanks for following the blog/podcast and send your feedback if you have any!