February 20, 2012

Li-N-A: Jeremy Lin busts the myth of basketball genes

Jeremy Lin is not the first Asian-origin person to dominate on a basketball court. Asians of all backgrounds have been breaking ankles, hitting threes, dunking and shutting their opponents down, and they’ve been doing it in playgrounds, in sweaty gyms, in schools, colleges, and in professional leagues around the world. Lin isn’t even the first Asian to be an NBA star: a certain 7 foot 6 behemoth by the name of Yao Ming would like to take credit for that. Many others from China or Japan or Iran have had their brief stints at the highest level of the game.

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  1. we judge the player by their height , not by talent in it(satnam ,sim).When talking about NBA_INDIA , these words are common {14 YEAR OLD,7 FEET, YAO MING}.we are just discouraging our players who are NOT 7FEET TALL................
    NBA =good BASKETBALL not 7 feet tall

  2. @Karan Madhok nice artile