June 25, 2013

Shots in the Dark: My 2013 NBA Mock Draft

Even with less than three days to go until the 2013 NBA Draft, I remain clueless. 2013 is being called a fairly weak year in the draft, and with no sure-shot answers to the problems plaguing the lottery teams, there is no way to expertly predict the sequence at which young players will accept their team hats on Thursday night. As a matter of fact, I probably feel more confident of predicting next year’s draft class than the one three days from now.

Still, a draft is to be conducted, and so, in my annual tradition, a draft is to be mocked. So, with utter lack of confidence in my predictions, but full faith to defend them the moment they are published, here is my 2013 NBA Mock Draft of the lottery (1-14) picks.

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