April 22, 2012

Woodstock School wins the Win Mumby Basketball Tournament in Mussoorie

Woodstock School (Boys) and Modern School Barakhamba (Girls) won the 12th Win Mumby All India Basketball Tournament, held at Woodstock School in Mussoorie from April 18-21, 2012.

Growing up in boarding school in Mussoorie, April was usually one of my favourite times of the year. April meant spring, warm weather in a place that is usually either cold or rainy, and most importantly, it was BASKETBALL SEASON! My school - Woodstock School - has been hosting the Win Mumby All India Basketball Tournament for over a decade now, and it is by far the most exciting time to be up there. Some of the best school teams from all Mussoorie, Dehradun (the hub of India's finest boarding schools, by the way) and even down out from Shimla, Nainital, Delhi and Punjab send teams up for this tournament. Basketball has historically been Woodstock's best sport, and the host team has always been amongst the favourites to host the trophy.

I graduated from the school in 2003, the year when our team won most of the school basketball tournaments up in the Doon Valley, including Win Mumby and the Afzal Khan trophy in Doon School, Dehradun.

Coming into the 12th year of the tournament, Woodstock had one of the best teams again. Woodstock Boys were the reigning champs. The usual favourites were present, including Welham's Boys' and Girls' Schools from Dehradun, Modern School from Barakhamba, Delhi, and Doon School. I return to Woodstock often, and have been back again this year to re-live my favourite high-school moment.

The tournament started on Wednesday, April 18th, featuring nine boys teams and eight girls teams. Here are the teams that took part:

Boys: Welham Boys' School (Dehradun), Doon International School (Dehradun), Modern School Barakhamba (New Delhi), Yadavindra Public School (Patiala), The Shri Ram School (New Delhi), Sherwood College (Nainital), Wynberg-Allen School (Mussoorie), The Doon School (Dehradun), Woodstock School (Mussoorie).
Girls: Welham Girls' School (Dehradun), The Lawrence School (Sanawar), Modern School Barakhamba (New Delhi), The Shri Ram School (New Delhi), Wynberg-Allen School (Mussoorie), Tibetan Homes School (Mussoorie), Hopetown Girls School (Dehradun), Woodstock School (Mussoorie).

Woodstock's Boys team played well, except for a tough loss to Welham Boys' in the eve of the Final. After defeating Modern School in the Semi, Woodstock faced Welham's again in the Final on Saturday, April 21st. Woodstock responded well to win the crucial game and secure the trophy for the second year in a row, 47-42. Matthew Sailo of Woodstock was handed the Boys' MVP award.

In the Girls' final, Modern School from Delhi defeated Welham Girls' School in a rout, 66-37, to lift the trophy. Madhu Kumari of Modern School was the MVP and stepped up with a defining performance in the Final to claim her case.

Too bad Woodstock Girls lost in the Semi-Final - I'll be rooting them (in spirit, if not in presence) next year, and for the Boys to make it three in a row. Go Tigers!


  1. The Woodstock Girls team was actually knocked out during the semi-finals and not the finals. Great blog otherwise!

    1. Thanks for notifying me - I've corrected the error!

  2. thanks for sharing.

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