June 1, 2010

Mahram Tehran win Asia Champions Cup

Iranian club Mahram Tehran BC won the FIBA Asia Champions Cup 2010 that was held in Doha (Qatar) from May 22-30. Tehran beat the Qatari home team Al Rayyan in the final 93-73. Tehran have successfully repeated as champions. Al-Riyadi Beirut (Lebanon) finished in third place.

Iran are on a particularly good run in Asian basketball, as their national squad also won the FIBA Asia Championship held in Tianjin (China) last year.

Why am I writing this? The Fiba Asia Champions Cup is kind of like the Champions League of Asian basketball teams - the best teams from different leagues in the continent get together to play in this prestigious competition. This year's tournament featured clubs from Iran, Qatar, Lebanon, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Syria, Phillipines, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Iraq.

Yes, so countries around the world which are, no offense, barely functioning such as Lebanon, Syria, or Iraq, have basketball clubs that perform better than ours. Or do they really? Or is it just our system that doesn't allow a 'club' to participate in such an event? I'll be thrilled to see National Championship winners from India participate in this competition and see where we stand. I'm sure Vishesh Bhriguvanshi and Indian Railways can put up a bit of a fight...

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