January 27, 2010

The Giant Bhullars

I'm not a big fan of claiming second (or third, fourth, whatever) generation Indians. I mean, if a Indian couple goes to Canada and has children who then get a Canadian passport, then they're Canadian. End of discussion.

That said, much kudos to the 6 feet 3 and 5 feet 11 Punjabi parents who went to Canada and had two sons, who at the ages of 16 and 14, are 7'4 and 7'2, respectfully. And apparently, they can ball! The Bhullar brothers from Toronto were covered by Stephen Brodzinski on SLAM Online a couple of months ago. I read about Sim and Tanveer Bhullar of the Kiski School in this article by Chris Harlan (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review today. Here is an excerpt:

The brothers from Toronto enrolled at the private Saltsburg academy before this school year, looking for a place where they could develop their basketball skills with hopes of reaching the NBA. Their parents — who are 6-3 and 5-11 — are from India. They stayed behind in Canada.

The Bhullar brothers each average double figures in scoring. Sim Bhullar starts at center with Tanveer as his replacement, though the two are sometimes used together. Both are athletic and skilled, with Tanveer patterning his game after San Antonio Spurs star Tim Duncan.
"I want to make it to the NBA," Tanveer said. "That's the final goal."

Go India, I guess. There's a billion people waiting to claim the Bhullar brothers success, just like we did Norah Jones, Kal Penn, Russell Peters, and Apu Nahasapeemapetilon.

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  1. Just because you are born in a country doesn't mean that becomes your background.
    Their ethnicity is still Indian (Punjabi) born in Canada, which makes them Canadian sure, but they ARE Punjabi still.

  2. insider scoop: hes already decided to go to west virginia and play for the mountaineers around coach Huggins.

  3. by "he" i meant sim bhullar, im not sure about tanveer

  4. hey DUH...man, you gotta give them indians SOMETHING..esp the indian hindus..they in berry berry bad shape man

    let them celebrate punjabi and indian heritage of bhullar brothers!

    After SLUM DOG, they sure need a better image...even the muslim mogul tomb, TAJ MAHAL which is the only thing they can show for India today in billboards, and postcards representing India to the world
    please, let them have their Bhullar Day!