January 11, 2016

Karnataka sets sights on a state basketball league, the KBL

Ever since the Basketball Federation of India (BFI) fractured into two and the ruling executive committee behind the federation shifted from Delhi to Bengaluru, the center of Indian basketball - and a new BFI office - has shifted south, too. Under BFI President K Govindraj, a former player from Karnataka and current president of the Karnataka State Basketball Association (KSBBA), several major events have been held in and around Bengaluru over the past year, including the South Asian basketball U18 qualifiers, Team India trials and practices, and the current Senior National Championship in Mysuru.

It was during the launch of the 66th Senior Nationals - India's biggest and most-prestigious basketball championship - that Govindraj announced the next major step forward for Karnataka Basketball. Inspired by the national Cricket's Indian Premier League (IPL), Govindraj mentioned that the KSBBA is planning to launch a basketball Karnataka Basketball League (KBL) in the near future.

Via SportsKeeda

"An Indian Premier League-style basketball league is in the pipeline," said Govindraj, "We plan to launch the KBL soon. We will have the teams divided into four or five groups, from all parts of Karnataka. The initial group matches will be held at non-Bengaluru venues like Bellary. The winner and runner-up from each group will then play the final league, to be held in Bengaluru."

Karnataka already has a decent structure of school and college level basketball events around the state, but they have limited professional options via banks, railways, or other units. Now, the KBL can potentially open more doors to provide longer basketball careers to those devoted in elongating their professional basketball career. There is still no information if the league will provide a long-term full-time salary to players, but that should be the ideal goal for the KBL's organizers.

India still doesn't have a full, national basketball league. If the KBL can be a success at a small level, hopefully it ignites a flame that can spread nationwide.

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