February 11, 2010

Tracy KnickGrady?

Knicks have shown faint interest in the Rockets' Tracy McGrady aka T-Mac aka China All-Star #1 for a while, but now, the interest is actually converting into actual trade scenarios. According to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports, the Knicks could lose Al Harrington as part of a three team trade that would send McGrady to New York:

The centerpieces of the trade would include the Washington Wizards shipping forward Caron Butler(notes) and center Brendan Haywood(notes) to the Rockets. The Knicks would send Al Harrington(notes) to the Wizards. For the Wizards’ part, they would still need another player, as well as a draft pick and cash to make this a workable scenario, sources said.

The Rockets have been peddling McGrady’s expiring contract of $23 million since exiling him in late December.

McGrady has played a shade below 35 minutes the entire season! He's featured in six games for the Rockets, he has averaged a scintillating 3.2 ppg and even 1 assist per game. So obviously, the Knicks would want to trade away one of their leading scorers in Harrington to obtain him.

Sounds like an awful deal right? Actually, I don't think so. Although he has been effective, Harrington is dispensable. His stats can be fairly easily replaced by giving more minutes to any of the other jackers rusting away on the Knick bench. McGrady is a shade of the superstar he was earlier in the decade, when along with Vince Carter, Kobe, and Iverson, he was probably the deadliest perimeter threat in the league. But I still feel that if he figures things out, gets back some swag, he can be of some use. Otherwise, there is always an expiring 23 million dollars at the end of the season that never hurt anybody.

I feel that the Rockets will be the obvious winners in this trade. Butler is one of the most hardest working and underrated players in the league, and will take this overachieving team to greater heights. The glow of Yao-love from China would also make him a starter in the 2011 all star game.

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