February 12, 2010

David Lee, All Star

Kobe Bryant (health reasons) and Allen Iverson (personal reasons) are both set to miss Sunday night's All Star game. They will be replaced by Jason Kidd (Mavericks) and David Lee (Knicks), respectively.

Let's do a Good, Bad, Ugly here, shall we?

The Good: David Lee is an all star!!! Booyakasha bitches!!! Finally... Lee becomes the first Knick all star since Allan Houstan and Latrell Sprewell made it back in 2001 - a whole nine years ago!! That was also, perhaps not so coincidently, the last time Knicks had a winning record. We don't have that, but, I'll take this for now. Baby steps.

Lee is the fifth most effecient player in the league, only behind likes of LeBron James, Chris Paul, Chris Bosh, and Kevin Durant. He is also sixth in the league in double-doubles, and sixth in rebounds per game. Lee's season averages stand at 20 points and 11.4 rebounds per game.

So Josh Smith fans, you mave have a bit of an argument here, but don't tell me Lee doesn't deserve this.

Along with Nate Robinson in the dunk contest and Gallo in the three-point shootout, David Lee now makes it three Knicks attending the All Star Weekend.

Yo, Z-Man, you owe me some Colonel. 2 piece chicken, 1 Zinger Burger (extra cheese), 3 hot wings. Maybe some fries and a Coke, too.

The Bad: It's sad to see Iverson and Kobe not participate. Mamba is obviously one of the best bball players in the entire planet, and AI, despite the fact that he doesn't deserve to make it, is a huge fan favourite. An all star game without Kobe suddenly loses a majority of it's luster.

The Ugly: Jason Kidd? Jason friggin Kidd? This is who David Stern has chosen to replace Kobe. Are you serious? Kidd hasn't had an all star season in three years (at least). As Kelly Dwyer on Yahoo! Sports conjectures, Kidd's selection probably solely depends on the fact that he plays for the ASG's hometown team, the Mavericks.

Here is my quick list of all the (non-injured) players who deserve to make it over Kidd in the West:

jason terry (his more deserving teammate)
aaron brooks
luis scola
marc gasol
rudy gay
oj mayo
david west
tony parker
russell westbrook
lamarcus aldridge
carlos boozer
monta ellis (i'm not entirely sure if he's healthy, actually)
tyreke evans

I'd be surprised if even Dallas fans wanna see Kidd in the all star game. Hell, I'd rather see Mark Cuban play than Jason friggin Kidd.

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