June 30, 2015

Hoopdarshan Episode 10: Satnam in the NBA! Our chat with ESPN contributor Mark Winegardner

Satnam Singh Bhamara made history by becoming the first Indian player to be drafted into the NBA. That was Step 1. What happens now? On Episode 10 of the Indian basketball podcast Hoopdarshan, hosts Kaushik Lakshman and Karan Madhok catch up with ESPN contributor and accomplished novelist Mark Winegardner, who has closely followed Satnam's journey from Ballo Ke Village to the IMG Academy to the NBA Draft for the past four years. Mark recalls his experiences visiting Satnam in his village in Punjab, helps us predict Satnam's future in the NBA, and we discuss what this achievement means for India and the NBA.

Listen in to also hear about our draft night reactions and Satnam's incredible journey to becoming an NBA draftee. Karan and Kaushik also discuss the rest of the NBA Draft as well as the upcoming SABA Qualifiers for India's national men's team in Bengaluru.

Winegardner is an American journalist and novelist based in Florida. He is a contributing writer for ESPN The Mag, a professor at Florida State University, and the author of books like Crooked River Burning, The Godfather Returns, The Godfather's revenge, etc. He visited India and the village of Ballo Ke to write a 2012 story on Satnam Singh Bhamara's roots and his hopes to become the first India in the NBA for ESPN: NEXT magazine.

Hoopdarshan aims to be the true voice of Indian basketball, and since we're such hopeless fans of the game, it will become the voice of everything basketball related we love, from the NBA to international hoops, too. On every episode of Hoopdarshan, we will be inviting a special guest to interview or chat to about a variety of topics. With expert insight from some of the brightest and most-involved people in the world of Indian basketball, we hope to bring this conversation to a many more interested fans, players, and followers of the game.

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