June 18, 2015

2015 NBA Playoffs - Expert's Bracket Challenge - Results

There is always a sinking feeling in the stomachs of NBA fans such as ourselves when the Finals conclude. Yes, we have just seen the best that NBA basketball has to offer. But we also know that, like all good things, the NBA season has come to an end, too. We know that we wouldn't be seeing competitive NBA basketball for nearly four and a half months. We await the great, long summer of emptiness.

At the end of the 2015 Finals, Magic Johnson said it better than anyone else. "I was actually sick that the series is over," he said, "It was just truly greatness, and right in front of our eyes."

It was, indeed. And while MVP Stephen Curry, Finals MVP Andre Iguodala, and superhuman alien LeBron James were being great on court, a few friends and I attempted to reach a meek form of greatness of our own off court. Before the playoffs began, I joined ranks with fellow fans and experts of the NBA in India - Akshay Manwani (@AkshayManwani) and Kaushik Lakshman (@_kaushik7) - to turn the post-season into our own mini competition, and in the process, give the fans of the game some hoops food for thought. Akshay suggested the idea and the rules before the playoffs begin, and after all four rounds, the results are in. The winner of the 1st Hoopistani Playoffs Expert's Bracket Challenge is... Akshay Manwani.

For the competition, each of us received +2 for getting the series result correct. Additionally, if we got the scoreline right, we got a bonus of +1. Akshay who got off to a hot start in Round 1 and mathematically wrapped up the competition and headed to the first ever Hoopistani Bracket Trophy even before the Finals begin. All three of us predicted a Warriors victory for the Finals with Akshay and I correctly predicting the series score, too. The standings didn't budge since the First Round.

Final Standings
  • 1. Akshay Manwani: 33
  • 2. Kaushik Lakshman: 28
  • 3. Karan Madhok: 24

Congrats Akshay. Your reward is to enjoy the Mumbai monsoon during the NBA off-season.

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