August 10, 2014

Madhya Pradesh Basketball Association has two presidents & double the drama

The Madhya Pradesh Basketball Association (MPBA) is currently dealing with an internal power struggle, as two separate groups of the association has elected two different presidents. A few months ago, Urban administration and development minister Kailash Vijayvargiya was elected as the MPBA's president. But yesterday, the Hindustan Times reported that former captain of the MP state team Avinash Anand had been elected to the same post by different members of the association.

The group that elected Anand claimed that they were the original basketball association that came into existence in 1978. Kulwinder Singh Gill, the general secretary of the group led by Vijayvargiya, declared the parallel body illegal.

More via The Hindustan Times

[Gill] said the body which is being headed by the minister is recognized by the Basketball Federation of India (BFI).
"Earlier, all the activities of basketball were being conducted by the body headed by JM Sharma, who was recently appointed as the chairman of the association after the appointment of the minister as its president," said Gill.
He further said, "The parallel body has been formed in an unconstitutional manner and we have nothing to say about it."
Anand said they had no problem with the appointment of the minister as MPBA president but they just wanted to make him aware about the misuse of funds by other office-bearers.

Anand said the MPBA that came into existence in 1978 had achieved several milestones under the guidance of JM Sharma.

Will there be an amicable solution to this power tussle at the top? Because the one's who will eventually be most effected by this struggle are the players currently representing or hoping to represent the state in the future. MP's basketball fortunes have suffered recently, as both it's senior Men's and Women's team failed to crack the top 10 in the most recent senior national championship in New Delhi in March.

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