December 14, 2015

India's first NBA draft pick Satnam Singh awarded by US India Chamber of Commerce

When Satnam Singh became the first Indian to be drafted into the NBA earlier this year, hundreds of thousands of fans in the country of a billion went nuts. It was a watershed moment in Indian basketball history, and Satnam's achievement connected with every basketball and NBA fan back home.

But his drafting struck a special crowd with yet another audience. Satnam was picked by the Dallas Mavericks, a franchise with a relatively successful recent basketball history and positive management. He was also brought to an area with one of the largest populations of Indian-Americans in the USA. Dallas and Fort Worth together in Texas is home to over a hundred thousand people of Indian descent, ensuring that Satnam would never be too far away from a familiar accent or a plate of fresh samosas.

On Satnam's 20th birthday - December 10th - he received an extra special gift. The US-India Chamber of Commerce (USICOC), based out of Dallas-Fort Worth, held their 16th Annual Awards Banquet on December 10th, and Satnam was invited to receive an award in 'Outstanding Industry Leadership in Sports and Entertainment'. He shared the stage with several Indian-origin dignitaries at the event, and even got a chance to speak to Desiplaza TV. Check out his interview below.

USICOC is a non-profit organization created by Americans of Indian origin wanting to further encourage and facilitate trade between the United States and India. In addition to international trade, the USICOC promotes commerce in local markets, helping member companies network and grow their businesses, sell to mainstream America as well as other Indian Businesses and do business with local, state and federal government agencies.

Satnam was drafted 52nd by the Mavericks in June this year and is currently playing for their affiliate team in the NBA D-League, the Texas Legends.

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