December 3, 2015

Indian basketball family raises Rs. 2.75 lakhs for player Sandeep Singh's brain tumour surgery

As the Ekalavyas Facebook page photo caption so succinctly and beautifully put in, faith in humanity has been restored.

A few months ago, Punjab's basketball player Sandeep Singh was diagnosed with a brain tumour which needed a surgery. Being from a low-income household, there was no way that Sandeep or his family could afford the 2 lakh rupees required for his life-saving surgery. So his close friend and basketball player Kuldiptita Tita turned to social media to plea for help in late November.

Tita's post went viral, and the Indian basketball family, from the star players to organizers and fans, responded in hordes. In less than a week, Ekalavyas reported that Rs. 2.75 lakhs were raised for Sandeep, who was admitted to hospital for surgery on November 30th.

Kudos to Tita for keeping track of the donations and supporting Sandeep through this whole process. India national team captain Vishesh Bhriguvanshi also helped the efforts by promoting the fund-raising campaign and getting together other national players to donate money.

I wish the best to Sandeep for his future, and I'm glad that in the Indian basketball family has come together to show their strength and support for each other.


  1. Well done Indian basketball family is getting bigger and better .

  2. We are proud of this and wish Sandeep could live a healthy life.

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