December 24, 2016

Indian Basketball's Singh Sisters honoured with Rani Lakshmi Bai Award in Lucknow

There are rarely any stories in sports more remarkable than that of the famous Singh Sisters of Varanasi. Four sisters - Divya, Prashanti, Akanksha, and Pratima - overcame great odds to all become important members of India's national basketball team and dominate the game at the domestic level. Through coaching and playing, the four sisters are still intimately involved with the growth of the game in India and continue to be some of the most popular figures in Indian basketball.

Now, the four sisters can add another feather to their well-stacked hats. On Monday, December 19, Divya (34), Prashanti (32), Akanksha (27), and Pratima (26) were all invited by the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Akhilesh Yadav to receive the prestigious Rani Lakshmi Bai Award, meant to signify bravery and outstanding achievement of women.

"This is good news for Varanasi as well as Indian basketball," said Prashanti Singh. "This award was only thing left for the Singh Sisters as we have already played so many big games together for India - CommonWealth Games, Asian Games, FIBA Asia Championship, National Championship, and more. Now being honoured with this award is a dream come true. This is historic for UP state and India, too."

The four sisters are part of an incredible basketball and sports extended family of India. Their eldest sister, Priyanka, also played at the state level. Their brother Vikrant Solanki is an U19 Delhi State footballer. Pratima Singh, the youngest of the sisters, got married earlier this year to Indian national cricketer Ishant Sharma.

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