April 9, 2016

Hoopdarshan Episode 28: Maryland's Varun Ram on NCAA Basketball and his India connection

India's finest basketball podcast, Hoopdarshan, is back! In Episode 28, Maryland's point guard Varun Ram - one of the few Indian-origin players to be a part of the NCAA March Madness Tournament - joins the podcast to talk about college basketball in the US and his continuing connection to India. Hosts Kaushik Lakshman and Karan Madhok also give a shoutout to the Delhi Capitals, winners of the second season of the UBA Basketball League, and discuss why it's no surprise that Ludhiana happens to be both a capital of Indian basketball and butter chicken.

Ram was born in Kentucky to Indian immigrants from Tamil Nadu. After being a hoops vagabond in a journey that took him to Division 3, he moved to Maryland and got a chance as a red-shirt to play for the Terps, before eventually making the team. He's had a chance to play for them in two national tournaments. Ram has also visited India and his parents' home state a couple of times in recent years with Crossover Basketball to help teach the game to young players in Chennai.

Hoopdarshan aims to be the true voice of Indian basketball, and since we're such hopeless fans of the game, it will become the voice of everything basketball related we love, from the NBA to international hoops, too. On every episode of Hoopdarshan, we will be inviting a special guest to interview or chat to about a variety of topics. With expert insight from some of the brightest and most-involved people in the world of Indian basketball, we hope to bring this conversation to a many more interested fans, players, and followers of the game.

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