July 15, 2015

New Basketball Federation of India, new website

It's been a rough few months for the Basketball Federation of India (BFI). A broken federation, departing coaches, the shutdown of all basketball activities. One of the side-effects of this drama was also the shutdown of the BFI website, the good ol' indiabasketball.org that I once used to write for and maintain.

But every basketball that bounces down must bounce back up, and you #CantStopIndiaBasketball for long. Now under new management - led by President K Govindraj and Secretary-General Chander Mukhi Sharma - the BFI is showing some signs of coherence, order, and life again. Yesterday, they launched a brand new website http://www.basketballfederationindia.org/ which gives a beautiful, modern, and sleek new look to the governing and controlling body of basketball in India.

The new portal is the clear announcement of intention from 'Team Govindraj' that the BFI now belongs to them, and not the committee led by Poonam Mahajan and Roopam Sharma, who were last in charge of (and paid/unpaid the bills of) the defunct indiabasketball.org site.

The new website has several interesting features, like a range of quotes from Indian (Geethu Anna Jose, Vishesh Bhriguvanshi) and foreign (John Wooden) minds, latest basketball news, results, upcoming events, and photos of important coaches and players in India. A major section is also devoted to Satnam Singh, the first Indian to be drafted into the NBA.

There are some early kinks of course ("WHERE THE FASTEST GROWING SPORT AND THE FASTEST GROWING DEMOCRACY, MEET" is interesting punctuation placement and India is already the world's largest democracy), and the website is still under construction, so a lot of pages are still blank. But I'm hoping that it can eventually become the source of India basketball news and information that the players and fans in the country deserve.

P.S.: It won't surprise me if 'Team Mahajan' bring indiabasketball.org back to life and claim that it's the real official BFI website. Welcome to the world of #IndiaBasketball.

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  1. the website is down again! whats going on?