February 17, 2013

Air 50: 50 Reasons why Micheal Jordan is the Greatest Of All Time

“There’s Michael Jordan, and then there’s the rest of us.”

Those words were said by the man that many – including I – consider to be the second greatest basketball player in history, Earvin Magic Johnson. But even Magic considers Michael to be on a different stratosphere to himself and other greats. In recent years, fans of Kobe Bryant and LeBron James have dared compare such mere mortals to the almighty Basketball God. Let’s get it right: Michael Jordan is the Greatest Of All Time. Basketball’s G.O.A.T. Greater than LeBron, Kobe, Magic, Russell, Bird, Duncan, Shaq, Chamberlain, Abdul-Jabbar, and a host of other legends. Like Magic himself said: the battle is for second place.

And if you don’t believe me, I drop 50 reasons why Michael Jordan – who turned 50 years old today – is number 1.

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